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Biomedical Research

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Methods Subjects and Participants Data for this report were obtained by the repeated use of several key questions in three separate random-digitdial RDD telephone surveys conducted using the same survey protocol between and in seven cities in the United States. The research takes place when participants attend for their scheduled, annual mammogram at the Nightingale and Genesis Prevention Centre, Wythenshawe Hospital. In KNN, an object is classified by a majority vote of its neighbors, with the object being assigned to the class most common amongst its k nearest neighbors. Noise from the images is removed using morphological techniques called opening-by-reconstruction and closing-by-reconstruction and then images are segmented using Otsu method. Preprocessing [ 16 ] stage is required to remove the areas that are not related to the detection region pectoral muscle and any artifact labels that can be applied on mammogram. Table 9 describes the comparison of the proposed method with other existing approaches for computer aided diagnosis.

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